July 27th - 2nd August 2025

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Join Us at the 2025 African Coaches Convention

Join Us at the 2024 African Coaches Convention – “ACCONVENTION ABIDJAN 24’” To unite with the African Football coaching community for a truly unforgettable five-day convention experience in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivore.

From lecture and field coaching demonstrations to the latest gear and technology available in the Exhibition Hall, the African Coaches Convention is a must-attend for any individual looking to update their coaching resume.

This year’s convention will be held January 17th -21st,2024.

Access to register for the African Coaches International Convention is just one of the many benefits of African Coaches Connect Membership. Click here to learn more about the association, and how to join.

What to expect at the Convention

Coaching Education: Presented by world-class presenters, our collection of over 100 lecture sessions and field demonstrations will offer coaches at every level something to bring back to their own training sessions.

Building Connections: The African Coaches Connect  Convention features socials festivity functions, and award ceremonies that allow attendees to make lasting connections with other coaches, Agents and Managers, and administrators.

The Commercialization and Industrialization of Football: Featuring vendors and exhibitors from all corners of the world football landscape, our expansive Exhibit Hall allows attendees to test out products and find solutions to assist with daily coaching, scouting and administrative duties.

Award Recognition: The association recognizes excellence in football, academics and service and support to the game, through a multitude of awards events and installations.

Corporate Bodies

our critical mass have the opportunity to network with their piers all over the world exchanging knowledge and experience. 


Seasoned administrator get to meet and be under same ambarella with all football chain-players around the world. 


Employer truly get a physical and learning practical feel and learning of their employees, but from all corners of the globe in one space, to truly be expose and broaden their scope and perspective of the beautiful game.


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